Indian Roots - susmita ghosh


susmita ghosh (India/Germany)



The half Indian singer and composer Susmita Ghosh (Vocals, Indian Harmonium, Sargam, Tamboura, Keyboards) is grown up in Germany. She owes her Indian roots to her father, who comes from Calcutta. With her new project "Indian Roots" Susmita realized her greatest wish to integrate her bangla poetic "father language" into the music.

Susmita created out of jazz, pop, classical Indian music and other worldmusic trends her own stylistics, with modern grooves. Characteristic are Susmitas experimental choirs and the minimalistic patterns of mallets underlined with exotic instruments as Tabla, Tarabouka, Steel Drums, Tamboura, Indian Harmonium... Indian ornaments are mixed with Western elements to a melting pot of different cultures.
With her selfcreated Indian fashion Susmita enchants her audiences.

The compositions do live from the "Just at Moment-Effect". Thats why Susmita loves to include the public into the live event and she loves also to invite interesting guest musicians, in order to produce an atmosphere full of suspense.

Tip of the day in Stuttgart!! The Stuttgart News wrote: "It happend not everyday, that "fence-guests" stand in line up to the next crossroads and try to listen to the music. The most important person was in any case Susmita Ghosh. She owes the fascination for the Indian culture to her "bangla" father. Her voice sounds powerful, emotional and is full of vitality."

Susmitas texts are english/bangla. With the wedding of elephants, the colourful world of bazaar, the diamond moon over Calcutta and the sweet smells, she wants the listeners to dream of the fairyland of India.....and wants to motivate them to sing with her together her songs. But also she talks about the problems of war, of racism and of the crass differences between wealth and poverty, to give the people food for thought. Susmita´s exotic, expressive, emotional loaded and unmistakable voice fills the entire room and goes under the skin. She captures everybody`s heart immediately.

So she could win for the CD "Indian Roots" for example European top-musicians as Charlie Mariano (Sax), who played together with Trilok Gurtu, Rabih Abou Khalil, Wolfgang Dauner, Ali Haurand, Herbert Grönemeyer... Wolfgang Haffner (Drums), who gave concerts with Chaka Khan, Michael Brecker, Till Brönner, "Fanta Vier"..... Martin Verdonk, who belongs to the greatest percussionists around the world. He toured with Prince, George Benson, Santana, Steve Winwood, Lionel Richie, Abdullah Ibrahim and many others.